Hoist CF-3172 Incline Olympic Bench

Hoist CF-3172 Incline Olympic Bench

Combining European styling with American engineering, HOIST® takes commercial free weight equipment to a whole new level. The new CF Line features the same aesthetic distinction and durable construction as the popular HOIST ROC-IT™ line.


  • Curved frame uprights match the natural arc of the exercise movement
  • ۳۰º angle on back pad for incline bench exercises
  • ۸ adjustable ratcheting seat positions to accommodate varying user heights
  • Integrated foot rests provide proper exercise alignment
  • Incorporates 8 weight plate holders for easy storage
  • Maximum storage weight: 900 lbs. (405 kg)

Additional information

Weight 106 kg
Dimensions 184 × 170 × 130 cm