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GYM UTILITY has proven to provide excellent service and products in-line with its long term goals to help improve the society’s general health and fitness. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry


We design cardio equipment with a focus on reliability and ease of use. Our cardio line delivers personalized experiences making it possible for more exercisers to enjoy comfortable, engaging, and effective workouts.


We offer a comprehensive range of equipment to accommodate every exerciser looking to incorporate strength training into their overall fitness program. And we design it with the same focus on durability and ergonomics.

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  • Hoist CMJ-6000-2 9 Station – Dual Pod

    The NEW HOIST Commercial Multi Jungle System can be configured to meet both the needs of your facility and the…

  • Hoist MC-7004 MotionCage Package 4

    The MotionCage is a series of functional training system exercise stations that can be configured in several ways to best…

  • Hoist Mi7SMITH Functional Training System

    The Mi7Smith Functional Training System is a completely innovative home gym that maximizes space by combining the MiSmith Dual Action…

  • Hoist HD-3200 Lat Pulldown/Mid Row

    The expanded HOIST® HD Dual Series offers a comprehensive solution for fitness facilities where space, budget or both are at…

  • Hoist MCS-8001 MotionCage Studio Package 1

    The MotionCage is a series of functional training system exercise stations that can be configured in several ways to best…

  • Hoist H-4400 4 STACK MULTI GYM

    ACCESSORIES & OPTIONS H-2244-PA-1: Fixed Pressing Arm Option H-2244-PA-2: Articulating Arm Option

  • Hoist CF-3367 Squat Rack

    Combining European styling with American engineering, HOIST® takes commercial free weight equipment to a whole new level. The new CF…

  • Hoist RS-1102 Biceps Curl

    Dynamic adjustment is the essence behind the new ROC-IT™line from HOIST®. Using ROX™ technology, the user becomes an integral part…


  • Precor Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™ EFX® ۸۶۳

    The EFX® ۸۶۳ with Converging CrossRamp® combines reliability with a natural converging stride path to give you the perfect elliptical…

  • Precor CW2504 8-Stack

     The 8-Stack CW2504 is an Icarian® multi-station that combines a cable crossover, two long pulls, dip-chin assist, two pull downs,…

  • Precor Recumbent Bike RBK 865

    The RBK 865 recumbent bike features our 860 Line console and a step-through design to appeal to a wide range…

  • Precor FT334 Pulldown

    The FT334 Pulldown offers user-defined overhead pulling motion, including diverging and independent movements.

  • Precor QNX-W700 3D Wall Solution

    The Wall Solution allows facility owners to reap the benefits of functional and suspended body weight training while also preserving…


  • Pulse 1012H HALF POWER RACK

    Combines With The 750G [product_brand class="alignleft"]


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  • Witty•Gate

    Due to the integrated transmission system, which has a range of 150 meters, the Witty•GATE photocells are highly reliable.Redundant radio…

  • Witty•SEM

    Witty•SEM indicators can be used in standalone mode or in combination with the photocells and other products in the Witty…

  • Gyko

    Gyko is a new device, developed by Microgate, for obtaining information about the kinematics of any body segment as it…

  • Witty•TAB

    Witty•TAB is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a multi-capable, lightweight, easily transportable and user-friendly display board. Measuring 13x41.5x6 cm,…

The Abs Company

  • TireFlip 180

    The  TireFlip 180 is an innovative new functional training device that gives you all the benefits of tire training in…

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